New Kent County Treasurer's Real Estate Prepayment Help

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Prepay Real Estate?

  2. Why Is My Email Address Needed?

  3. How Do I Prepay Real Estate?

    1. Prepay using Name

    2. Prepay using Parcel Number

    3. Name Selection Screen

    4. Account Detail Screen

    5. Online Payment Checkout Screen

  4. Pay by Credit Card

  5. Do Additional Charges Apply for Paying Online?

What Is Prepay Real Estate?

Prepay Real Estate allows you to pay New Kent County Real Estate bills before they are issued.

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Why Is My Email Address Needed?

Your email address is a unique identifier used to combine tickets marked for payment into one lump sum.

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How Do I Prepay Real Estate?

On the first screen, enter your email address and then click OK.

Enter email address example

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On the Real Estate Pre-Payments Screen, find tax information by using Name or Parcel Number.

Search options example

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Parcel Number

Enter at least the first three letters of the Last Name and then press the Search button. The more name information entered, the faster the search will be.

Search by name example
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Enter the Parcel Number and then press Search. Note: To find Real Estate using Parcel Number, numbers and spaces must be entered exactly.

Search by parcel number example
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To view Detail, press the Select link next to the correct name. Press the Previous button to return to the first screen. Show Map Number is the default setting for this screen. If desired, the toggle next to Show Description can be pressed and the Description replaces Map Number.

Select name example

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The Account Detail Screen shows more information about the property including any prepayment balance. Enter amount to prepay and then press Make Payment button. Pressing the Previous button returns to the first screen.

Account detail example

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Make Payment


On Line Payment Checkout Enter an amount to pay in Total Payments. All tickets can be removed by pressing Clear Shopping Cart button. For credit card payments, press Pay by Credit Card button.

Payment checkout example

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Pay by Credit Card

Pay By Credit Card - Payment Amount + Convenience Fee = Total Due. Press Proceed to Payment button to enter Credit Card information.

Pay using credit card

Input Credit Card and Billing Information and then press the I Authorize this transaction button. Pressing Reset button clears data from all information fields.

Enter billing information

This screen shows Credit Card information as entered on the previous screen. Verify all information is correct and then press Submit Transaction for Processing button. Press Back button on browser if information is incorrect.

Verify information and submit

This screen announces if the transaction was approved. IMPORTANT: You MUST press the **REQUIRED: Complete Transaction button for the transaction to be applied to your property tax bill.

Press button to apply payment to bill

Do Additional Charges Apply for Paying Online?

For Credit Card Payments: The convenience fee is $3.95 plus 10 cents per transaction. The Convenience Fee is charged by PayPal and our Merchant Account for Accepting Credit Cards Online. The fee is automatically added to your Total Bill.

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Version: 101220-1457